Sheltered Oak Therapy Counselling in Wallingford, Oxfordshire

Client Feedback

After ending, I have begun inviting clients to reflect on what they will be taking away from counselling and what difference it has made for them.

My hope is that this creates an opportunity for them to take some time to identify and acknowledge their work and their journey. Counselling is after all a big investment of our time, energy, and money - and the more we allow ourselves to recognize our progress, the more we can build on it.

Of course, the other reason, is to give new clients looking for someone to work with, a chance to read what others experiences of me have been. I understand and respect that not everyone will wish to do this or share their feedback. I will keep adding to this page as I receive them.

Client A

She says,
"I have found that I am far more trusting in myself, my values, and my decisions. I have greatly deepened my understanding of myself and where this has come from. I discovered that the only person who could make these changes was me; I learnt that I can have an impact."

"I always found you (Louise) to be genuine and warm as well as being robust enough to hold my stuff for me. I really valued that you let the sessions go at my own pace. I appreciated that you have lots of creative ways of working and also solution based working techniques, although this was not always my preferred way of working and I really respected that you allowed for this to be OK and stayed with me in what I needed at the time without an expectation to work in a certain way."

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